CATALOGS  Helmut Chairman Palla
You Take A Seat I Take A Picture

Semperdepot, Vienna October 2010
24 x 33 cm, 164 Pages
More than 500 pictures in B/W and 4C
Interview by Dr. Paul Methall
Publisher: Chairmanpress
ISBN: 978-3-200-02085-6

During the Vienna Design Week I showed objects to sit on from the last 25 years in the legendary 800sqm hall of the Semperdepot. Each visitor could take a seat on the objects and could choose one of them. A photo-studio was built up in a corner of the hall and I made pictures of the visitor sitting on his/her selected object. 2 months later I presented the book showing more than 300 ways (not) to sit on 60 chairs. The books also includes a big work-compendium, an interview, lots of work-in-progress material and last but not least two flipbooks with chairman in action.


Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna May 2005
24 x 29 cm, 32 Pages
23 pictures in 4C
Texts by Peter Noever and Peter Teichgräber
Publisher: MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

Turniture and Chairman & Co presented in the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna 2004

WOKA Gallery, Vienna June1991
21 x 29 cm, 48 Pages
45 pictures in 4C
Texts by Dieter Schrage and Carl Auböck
Publisher: B.Ä.N.G.

The early works part 1. A lot of heavy metal shown at WOKA-Gallery in 1990
FeTisch & Fetisch & Comp.

Prodomo, Vienna May 1992
24 x 33 cm, 16 Pages
40 pictures in 4C
Text and Interview by Christian Schreibmüller
Publisher: Peter Teichgräber

The early works part 2. Heavy metal at Prodomo 1992.